Facilitators: Lily Chaleff and Leila Counihan

Stack: Spencer Mewherter

  • Check-in
  • Going over Consensus
  • Announcements
    • Occupy Worcester GAs every Thursday at 6:00pm and every Sunday at 1pm, Location varies
    • Saturday January 21, 2012 Worcester Free School – Worcester City Government 101 at Woo Church 1pm
    • Media Working Group After GA
    • Outreach/Activism Working group meeting Thursday 7:30 usually in the AC but this week at the community dinner at Moynihans
    • Series of Panels with local organizations in Worcester being organized by Peaceworks
    • Difficult Dialogues about Occupy coming up this semester

Agenda Points

  • Working groups
  • Panel
  • March 1st/ May 1st – Upcoming Events
  • Meeting Time

Working Groups

  • Anyone interested in the Media Working Group contact Lily Chaleff or Ross Glover
  • Activism/Outreach Working Groupcontact Leila Counihan
    • Has reached out to Epoca, Stonewall Democrats, Stone Soup, Worcester Routs, Worcester Time Trade, The Journalist
    • Meeting tomorrow at Community Dinner at Moynihans at 7:30
    • Discussion of working on a group newsletter
    • Proposal: Ailey will consult with members of The Citizen to see if theya re willing to join forces with Occupy Clark to make a newsletter PASSED
    • Possible Working Group for Outreach to start official Occupy Clark club, regular tabling and flyering
    • Proposal: Outreach Group will have consistent mic checks at Clark cafeteria at different times throughout day about information concerning Occupy Clark and Occupy Worcester’s meetings/events PASSED with Friendly Amendment Below

Friendly Amendment: Occupy Clark is its own outreach group so Occupy Clark will have consistent mic checks

  • Proposal: Create Occupy Clark official Clark undergraduate club [Ailey spearheading this]
  • Occupy Clark is a working group of Occupy Worcester


  • Possible panels with Epoca, Stone Soup, WAFT and AIDS Project Worcester and others to follow the format of previous arrested students panel
  • Open to suggestions of other organizations to include – contact Spencer Mewherter or Alina Michelewicz with other suggestions
  • May need advertising help in future and may involve Occupy on panels also
  • Discussion of focus of panels tabled for when there is more information

Upcoming Events

  • Occupy colleges put out the date of March 1st for actions
  • Possible connection with other schools
  • Idea for Spring Renewal Event

Time 9:50 –  Proposal to extend meeting by 20 minutes

  • Possible days for Spring Renewal: March 1st, May 1st
  • May Day may be problematic because of other planned events and near the end of the semester
  • March 17th because Spring break is over – also there is a big parade in Worcester
  • February 26th for earlier date
  • Possibility to do both march 17th and February 26th
  • Ideas:
    • Community event – college solidarity
    • Celebration of occupy, what Occupy has done
    • February on campus and March off campus
    • Food, visually interesting
    • Non-March festival with teach in and general info
    • Tents with free school
    • Proposal: reserve green for February 26th Friendly Amendment: reserve green for both days (Feb 26th and  March 17th) and look into parade route PASSED
    • Message for events – Discussion – At the end in a go around

Table Discussion about 9pm Wednesday meeting time


Check out with Discussion of event ideas:

  • Use events in Worcester – Remain visible
  • Consensus education
  • Specific message
  • Where are we going, big picture focus
  • Get more people, high schools?
  • Fun events Occupy Clark culture/community
  • Outreach concern, music/bands
  • Jess Loomis can help with visual aids
  • Increase visibility, fun events, not necessarily Occupy events, more casual
  • Community events and outreach, music, food
  • Celebration, not just logistics in meetings
  • Goals of group and goals for world and self in meetings