Facititaor – Bre
Note Taker – Lily
Stack – Tovia




-Nate and Yedi give description
-Viewing tabled to after meeting

March 17th

-Grind booked
Open stack for more ideas:

  • party/music in gring
  • partner w/ OW
  • hop on back of St. Patricks Day parade
  • Party in Elm Park
  • Protest in front of BOA
  • Not a good idea to go on back of parade because looks like we are protesting the wrong thing

Proposal: make a committee to research permit and day  passed

Proposal: protest at bank, followed by teach-in/ party on the Grind passed

Friday NDAA Protest

-mic check planning for Thursday
-Tabling – combine with WAFT tabling

Proposal: meet at 2:15 in Red Square to march  passed

Proposal: sign making part all day Thursday passed

-Invite OW through media

Code of Conduct

-club where all workers at Clark could talk
-meeting Sunday in Hughes at 7:30

open stack brainstorm ideas for literature about why students occupy

-list serve
-student loans
-average debt vs. people under poverty level
-% of rising tuition
-Trend- how much it could cost/have interest 10 yr projection)
-work study used to be about getting paid for doing work, now slave to university
-politics of loan – why it doesn’t work for everybody
-get salary info from faculty/ student loans/ financial aid

Update from Occupy Wall Street