Facilitator: Casey
Note Taker: Lily
Bre: Stack


Occupy Clark join Occupy Worcester for Earth Day event April 22, 2012
Labor Conference
Difficult Dialogues
March 17th
Friday Protests

Barry propose for Occupy Clark to join in with occupy Worcester on earth day events

Details of Event:

-Sunday April 22, 2012

-On the Worcester Commons

-deep green resistance

-toxic soil busters


-food not bombs

-kids events

-rally and march

– as of now doing it without a permit, know risk of participation

-expect family friendly

– Chalk the city and flyer to get word out

-might be fundraiser

-going to make buttons

-bike powered smoothies by Scott

-Meet  Tuesdays at 12 at the Nu Café, Saturdays every other week at 11 at RAW Fitness

-would like Clark to do a teach in, make puppets, whatever creative minds come up with

-help Tovia write document about how corporations and environment relate

-if you know acoustic musicians who want to play


– Possibly connect with Clark organizations

– Eco-Reps

– Clark Community Thrift Store

-Trading Circle

– Jenny Isler

– Leila might want women’s health table to talk about how the environment is so important in relation

– Clark Community Garden, Recycling center

– We should do outreach, get Clark students to go

– Have large meeting to tell Clark about to come and talk about planning and getting involved for this event

– Good idea to have prepared team to handle police interaction if it comes up

– Put it on the GO list

– Make facebook event

– Make Caf Slide

Proposal: Make affinity group of A1 steak sauce on OW to communicate online about the Event -passed

-Proposal: Ailey will make facebook event for Saturday meeting general interest meeting for planning event given current group approves this plan – passed

Labor Conference

– Prof Ross holding prestigious labor conference

– He is very in support of occupy

– We should have presence

– Could be autonomous or official occupy clark

– Sometime in April

– Possibly do some sort of presence/ protest/ signs to have presence there

Difficult Dialogues

-summary of event

-planning meeting feb. 24th

 – ask for more volunteers

March 17th

-announcement that we need to sit down and figure out planning meeting

-once we figure out planning meeting make event

– Proposal: 8:30PM Monday meeting to plan March 17th every Monday up to the event beginning on the 20th passed

Friday Protests

-talk about messages of signs

-talk about times

-we might want to specifically protest about doubling tuition rates

-what we want to comment on:

maybe don’t need specific issue, ask people what issues they want to talk about

-possibility of putting up tent: do we want tent to still be symbol or occupy?

-bring cardboard and sharpies

Talking about how to get people more involved who don’t want to be super involved/ plan logistics

-Tell people to like facebook group and post events

Friday at 8PM at the Shop – Rad movie night, Garbage Warrior


Meeting Closed