Facilitator: Ailey
Notes: Lily
Stack: Leila

– Introduce process 
– Introductions and Announcements

  • Take Back the Night, Thurs, March 1

Agency, Clark Styke
Take Back the Night
Womans Cacus
March 16th event
Direct Action
Conversation on Privledge
Creating Space for Workers

Take Back the Night
It is an event tin response to the recent assult at Clark. 
Proposal to officially endorse the event in media and physical presnce- passed
Proposal to hold a sign that has a statement that Occupy Clark supports it


  • Some say yes, it is important value of Occupy Clark
  • Others say it might be seen as too controversial/ politically taking advantage of situation

Consensed upon having the words Occupy Clark on a sign in a general way that shows support of situation but does not make it about Occupy Clark . Those who are at the event will decided on the words at the time – passed 

Agency, Clark Style
A Difficult Dialogues event to bring together all acitist groups on campus to conenct and share what they are doing

Propsal to endorse event and have people attend to represent Occupy Clark – passed

Woman’s Cacus
– It will be an affinitly group of Occupy Worcester
– It will discuss issues concerning women, gender, sexuality

March 16th Event
Update on current planning:
– Green booked 1-5, 2nd floor Atwood booked 5-7
– We will bring blankets and signs out onto green to define a space
– Event is collectively made: potluck, musical instruments, book swap
– There will also be face paint, sign making, Discussion of future of Occupy

Open stack for more ideas:

  • Have statistics/ posters of statistics
  • Tents
  • Info
  • Explain how objectives of Occupy effect people
  • Have big charts with headings “what is occupy” “what do you want occupy to be?” for people to fill in

Direct Action
We should plan something, let’s brainstorm

Stack Opened

  • Protest corporations, Sodexo
  • Work with existing groups on their focuses in Worcester
  • Target inland port in Worcester
  • Coordinate with Occupy Boston on Port Blockade
  • Worker Solidarity

                have working group
                safe location off campus to meet
                create dialogue

  • Door-to-Door flyering

                could be invasive
                should be a two-way education experience
                flyering for an event will be more productive way to approach people and talk

  • Target old coal power plants
  • Protest UP at Friday protests (contributed by an anonymus source)
  • have many DA stratefies
  • Hold multiple meetings with Clark workers
  • Community Clean-Ups
  • Have list of pre-arranged topics that effect different people

– List tabled to go through at next GA
– Ailey proposed to take idea about flyering to Occupy Worcester GA – passed  

Conversations on Privledge
We should set aside time (5-10mins)  to talk about privledge at the begining of GAs

Stack Opened

  • make the conversation a broader topic
  • have conversation at the end of GAs
  • have conversation be book-ends of GA
  • Is it possible to have a conversation like this in 5-10 minutes in a meaningful way?
  • talk about rights: what are they? are they real?
  • we should do a trail run
  • we should hold a forum for these issues
  • simply state a reminder about privledge at the begining of each GA
  • say something about privledge during check-ins
  • set intention of space for GAs
  • write an official statement about the intention of challeneging privledge to read at each GA
  • Still have discussion
  • talk about issues on Fridays around protests in Red Square

Proposal: Start next GA by going around the circle and have everyone state their idea about the intention for the space of the GA – passed  

Creating space for workers tabled due to time.

End with clapping