OCCUPY GA 3/21/12


  • have another Occufest on March 23rd
  • book swap
  • “easy up” with fliers
  • chalk and drum circles
  • food
  • This resolution includes talking to admin? NO
  • Cooking time in Wright at 12:20 on Friday call 610-772-1255
  • have a hand signal for when someone feels that another individual is not checking their own privilege: (sign language for the letter ‘p’),
  • start each GA with an announcement about privilege
  • form an affinity group to talk about Reoccupation on April 1, so long as all people who want to be involved are kept in the loop
  • boston will be re-occupying Dewey Square
  • could possibly be jailed for 48 hrs
  • need legal observers: people who take photos, keep track of time of arrest, brutality etc.
  • need to have a discussion of ‘what if’ scenarios