Beginning of Meeting:

Facilitator: Tovia

Stack: Ben

Notes: Martin

We started off discussing privilege because it had been previously decided that each week would begin with someone talking about privilege and that everyone needs to remember to actively check their privilege, and showed that there is a hand signal if someone isn’t.  (two fingers, together held horizontally)

Review of hand signals.

Introductions (everyone at GA say their name)

Request for Agenda topics

  1. Discussion of occufest and its future
  2. Discussion of dewey sq. reoccupation (whos going? Plan?)
  3. Offer/Request from Occupy Worcester to do 99% Spring Training at Clark/in clark facilities

First Agenda Topic:

1)      Occufest

  1. 1st on stack: thought that the last occufest went really well. Said there was a mic check on the green and that though it didn’t bring people over, they thought it was good they did it. The think occufest is good to keep our presence up, to let people know we are still there and that its good for group bonding.
  2. 2nd on stack said that the mic check wasn’t bad that was done, but that a larger mic check should be done to more of campus before the Friday event, whether it is occupy or not.

i.      **Proposal to mic check campus before Friday events.

  1. Passed with consensus
  2. 3rd on stack says that its been successful so far, that we just need to do things right and well not necessarily to get more people. Not getting people isn’t failing, that its fun and good bonding for the group and good to do something outside the Gas
  3. 4th on stack says that the apartheid wall brought people and that we should do something else to get peoples attention like that.
  4. 5th on stack says that tis a good bonding experience but we should try to draw people in. sitting in a circle under a tent might not be making the group approachable, agrees that not bringing people in isn’t failure, but still thinks the point is to try and reach more people. We should be able to get more people at a school like clark.
  5. 6th on stack says that we should do weekly emails not just send out stuff on facebook incase people don’t have it.
  6. 7th on stack says that tis good for bonding but we need to go somewhere with the discussions. Its hard to talk to people that don’t have the same views or experience that we do, and that we need to find a polite, non-condescending way to discuss opposing views. We need to actively create conversation that can go somewhere.
  7. 8th person on stack said that the group should create large displays of specific topics so that we can draw people in
  8. 9th person says we should pick out a discussion point and do mic checks about specific topics to bring attention
  9. 10th on stack says that it’s a good idea to do something different. Its good to do solidarity work like we did with the Palestinian group. We should come up with something similar for the future.  Maybe try to interact with the people out there a little more, like giving them all a flag that is representative of some statistic and then getting them to stand up so that they can visually see the statistic we are trying to represent.
  10. 11th on stack says that we should ask permission from people before forcing them to participate.
  11. 12th on stack says that the movement is obviously trying to raise awareness about income inequality but that we should focus on topics that are more relevant to college students.
  12. 13th on stack says we should do something for earth day, give something out about it…make it interactive.
  13. 14th on stack says we should do occufest in nice weather.
  14. 15th on stack says we should do some sort of action every Friday, maybe in UC or elsewhere.

i.      **Proposal: we do some sort of action every Friday at the regular time. Good weather it is outside. Bad weather in the UC. Good weather is 60 and above and sunny, bad weather is below sixty or rainy.

  1. PASSED with consensus
  2. 16th on stack says we should go pick up trash or something like that to show people we don’t just sit around and talk and that we are actually about doing active things as well.

i.      **Proposal: we should do some sort of active work for the community/physical every week to show that we are doing, not just saying.

  1. PASSED with consensus
  2. 17th on stack says we shouldn’t always call it Occufest because that takes away from its uniqueness as an event.

i.      **Proposal: we should call Occufest something different if we are going to do it each week. (Name not decided because there were no suggestions)

  1. PASSED with consensus
  2. 18th on stack says we should do specific occufest

i.      **Proposal: we have Occufest again the Friday after this coming Friday, at the regular time for Friday events, pick a specific topic to focus on and call it something unique (example: occupy the environment, which would focus on environmental issues), pick a group interactive activity and do something physical in the community. Prior to the event the campus will be mic checked at multiple locations.

  1. PASSED with consensus

_________Stack Closed_______

Second Agenda Topic:

2)      Dewey Sq. in Boston this Sunday

  1. Ben wanted to know if anyone would be going. Martin said he would be and that anyone who wanted to go should go in the car with him.

_________Discussion Closed____________

Third Agenda Topic

3)      99% spring Training

  1. Tovia gave us information on the training. Said that Worcester would like someone with the ability at Clark to book a multi-media room. The event would include 2 parts. Part 1 is informational what the topics/values/grievences of OWS are now and talking about it. Part 2 is trainings on things like DA, non-violence, street medics, legal observers etc.

i.      **Proposal: We want to book a room for Occupy Worcester to hold the 99% spring training event. Leila will be in charge of booking the room, and that it will most likely happen on two separate days and will happen between the 9th-15th of April.

  1. PASSED with 100% consensus