Agenda Points

  • Organization
  • Avalon Website
  • Flyers/ Literature
  • Code of Conduct


  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Email
  • Blog for minutes
  • Google Calendar
  • Make list serve – use MailChimp

General consensus to continue posting and updating as needed

Avalon Website

  • created by Clark and WPI students to make finding and discussing information easy
  • still working out bugs
  • will be proposed as official site at GA when it is working


  • Need literature for events and to spread around campus to create dialouge
  • make general info and student specific literature pertaining to Occupy Movement
  • Propose at GA to brainstorm ideas for content

– Explain what is wrong with higher education system

– What is happening on other college campuses (UC Davis, other notable actions, etc)

– Why people are protesting/ what we want

Working Code of Conduct

To be passed at GA:

  • Refresh page before posting to ensure another admin has not posted it already
  • Don’t post personal opinions though admin status
  • Initial posts from Occupy Clark name
  • Contant person who made post to delete it if there is a problem
  • Don’t censor anything without GA approval
  • What is acceptable to post: events/meetings, livestreams, Occupy Worcester info, Occupy Boston infor, Occupy College info, Occupy Movement info
  • Do not post about campaigns or politics